If you need an example of how socialized medicine would operate (see-Obamacare) then heed this story from Sweden.

A legless man living in Nykoping in the eeastern region of the county has been denied a wheelchair by the local health care authority because they don't believe his condition to be...permanent.  Evart Stephansson, who lost both legs due to complications from diabetes, was denied use of a motorized wheelchair because health care authorities were not sure if the condition would remain permanent.  Now the last time WE checked, when someone has their legs amputated there's obviously no chance of reattatchment.   Perhaps the health care authority was referring to his using prosthetics, but Stephansson suffers from other ailments that would make that nearly impossible.  Finally, after going to the press and local media with the story, the company who makes the motorized,  hand controlled unit donated one for him to use.   Compare THAT with the ease with which people can get a Hoverround or other mobility chair in the US...at least for now.

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