Frustrated because Washington is the ONLY state where recreational fishing has been banned, a group of anglers are letting their voice be heard.

According to a collection of responses from state government officials, including Gov. Inslee, the reason for the fishing 'ban' is because people supposedly 'travel' to fishing spots--and by stopping for gas, snacks or bathroom use, they could spread COVID.

These folks are not buying that. According to their Facebook page:

"Washington State is currently the ONLY state out of 50 that is not allowing fishing. Many other states are actually promoting fishing as a positive social distancing measure. Please join us in protesting Governor Inslee and WDFW's decision to ban fishing in Washington State, while at the same time demonstrating that social distancing measures can be implemented. As WDFW patrol officers will likely be present at events that support this cause, we would ask that you be respectful as possible while at the same time demonstrating you are determined to no longer stand for what is happening in our state! Practicing social distancing during this protest is paramount! Only 1 person (or 1 family) should be present in each boat, and boats/trailers should be parked/on the water at safe intervals,"

Organizers say they will only stage the event if they can get a minimum of at least 50 boats. So far on Facebook, 161 people say they are going, over 530 more are interested.

To see their Facebook page and get details, click on the button below.

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