Another attempt to emasculate men, or are they really that bad?

Some police in Mumbai, India are apparently behind an upcoming ban that soon will prevent stores from dressing mannequins in lingerie!

According to Weird Asia News, reporter Genevieve Baxa says  this week the dummies are being blamed for causing impure thoughts, and then behavior, among men. Supporters claim these displays cause men to think of women as commodities, instead of people, and encourage them to commit acts or behaviors disrespectful or even harmful to women.

Members of Mumbai's Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation said lingerie clad mannequins are illegal and "immoral."   Spokesperson Rito Tawade, who proposed the ban said:

“Our demand to ban the displaying of mannequins wearing scantly dresses is based on the Provisions of the Indecent Representation of Women (Prohibition) Act, 1986, which reads, ‘Indecent representation of women means the depiction in any manner of the figure of a woman; her form or body or any part thereof in such way as to have the effect of being indecent, or derogatory to, or denigrating women, or is likely to deprave, corrupt or injure the public morality or morals."

However, as some officers on the police force have astutely pointed out, it's not the mannequins who are guilty of "sex" crimes,  and other nations don't seen to have a problem with such displays.

The mannequins could not be reached for comment.

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