Many have been waiting since last November for this Friday, as the privatization of Washington's liquor industry kicks off.

Friday June 1,  visits to Wal-Mart, CostCo,  Fred Meyer, and other retailers will allow you to do something that hasn't happened since just after prohibition--buy hard liquor.

Stores are re-arrainging current inventory,  making room, and also beefing up store security as the privatization of Washington's liquor industry will be complete. Some smaller stores will also be selling too, as dozens of business people bought out the old state liquor store inventories and negotiated leases to sell from what (as of Friday) will be the "old" state outlets.

Will it save money?  The state legislature, in their infinite 'wisdom' of always looking to exploit consumers, tagged a 27% tax onto the new liquor structure that could actually keep prices close to where they were in the overpriced state stores.   But consumers believe the convenience and freedom to purchase from different suppliers and retailers will create competition that will eventually drive prices down--despite the tax.

Do you believe the privatization will drive down the prices?  Take our poll and voice your opinion.

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