While in Columbia Park Friday, covering testing by some unlimited hydroplanes, a local news crew had their car become part of the event.

KVEW  42 ABC TV was filming the testing, when the reporter noticed the Ford Explorer was moving.  Mark Harper, the crewman,  thought about jumping in to try to stop it, but it was traveling too fast towards the shoreline.   The Explorer plunged into the river, and ended up being immersed about halfway up the vehicle.  The waterline was even with the middle of the doors, and you could not see the wheel wells or tires.  

  According to witnesses and Harper, the vehicle slipped out of gear, causing it to roll.   The KVEW Video equipment also went into the drink with the vehicle.  A tow truck was able to pull it out, no word on amount of damage to the Explorer or the video equipment.

  Hey, we've all had days like that sometime! So, don't laugh TOO hard.  You never know when the fickle finger of fate will be pointing....at you!