The Kennewick City Council is set to likely approve the purchase of 22 new Ford police cars, at a cost of about $776,000.

The city periodically replaces older worn down cars, but this would be one of the larger replacement batches in recent years.

The 22 new cars would likely be the latest version of the Ford Police Interceptor, which is based upon the Ford Taurus, but isn't anything like it internally. The Interceptor uses the Mustang 305hp motor, but the cop motor is 40lbs. lighter than the production model. They also have considerably faster 0-60 and 0-100 speeds as well.

The vehicles will easily top out at well over 100mph.  Pending the City Council vote, the cars will start arriving soon, and likely begin to be outfitted in May. These newer models will have even better coverage, with a 5-year 100K mile warranty.

Exactly where the older models will go isn't yet clear, but every time local police forces retire cars, people show up the the auctions, hoping to score a good price one. Then they can drive around in a retired black and white, thinking they look cool. Meanwhile, the rest of us snicker at those handful of people cruising the roads in a black and white Crown Vic.

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