Sunnyside Police and Yakima County Sheriff's are seeking answers after the body of a man was found in field around 6:30am Tuesday morning.

Officials say the man was discovered in a snow-covered field in the 6800 block of VanBelle Road.

Officials from various investigative agencies cordoned off the area, and the investigation has begun. Little information was released about the man, officials didn't say if he was wearing protective or warm clothing. They also don't know his identity yet, nor why he was out there.

Officials do say if you're going to be outside for prolonged period of time in this recent wintry weather, make sure you dress warmly as body temps can drop quickly, and exposure can set in. Exposure and extreme cold can cause disorientation and make a person to pass out quickly, often then freezing to death.

An autopsy is scheduled for the body, but authorities believe he died from said weather exposure, according to KEPR TV. For more details about the incident, click on the button below.

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