My parents always used to say 'you can only do one thing at a time..'  Never mind that I can rub my head and pat my stomach. This guy learned the hard way, distracted driving is a mess.

Monday evening Kennewick police responded to a report of a new Ford Explorer that destroyed a parked car in the 800 block of South Olympia Street, around 10pm.

It seems the driver of the car pictured with the airbags deployed, the Explorer, admitted he was messing with the stereo, and next thing he knew, he was playing demo derby with a passenger car. The Explorer slammed into the first car, it was totaled. But he was not done. The impact of THAT wreck shoved the parked car into another vehicle, causing it extensive hurt as well.

Needless to say, the driver of the Explorer was cited, and sustained minor injuries. Their car is totaled as well, as the airbags deployed. Tow company workers have told me many times when the airbag goes off, the car is totaled by insurance.

Airbag deployed in Ford after hit hit parked car (Kennewick police department)