Some well-placed physical force, a baseball bat, and iron will have resulted in a Walla Walla burglar ending up behind bars after he was taken down by a homeowner.

KEPR-TV reports Monday evening Brandon Keane and his wife had returned home from grocery shopping when they found somebody ransacking their home.

Keane told KEPR he entered the house, and saw a shadow moving, and he went "after it."  He quickly found, detained and dropped suspect, 30-year-old Daniel Shelton.  Keane said he grabbed him by the scruff of the neck, and with help from a baseball bat his wife grabbed for him, "detained" the man until police arrived.

Keane told KEPR it was actually harder to "restrain" himself (from doing more harm to the man) than it was to actually hold him down.

Walla Walla police say Shelton was arrested last month after breaking into a Walla Walla business, and he is apparently known to authorities. Apparently, the suspect had a pot of coffee brewing in the couple's kitchen, and had laid down a mattress in the garage. He also reportedly used a bucket for a "bathroom" there as well.

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