As far as we know, the suspect didn't steal anything, disturb anything, but scared the you-know-what out of the victim.

A 38-year-old Pasco man is in the Franklin County jail after being arrested around 4 AM Saturday morning.

Carlos Vizcarra-Gutierrez was identified by a 24-year-old female as being the burglary who broke into her home a short time earlier.

Around 3:45 AM, the woman said she woke up and heard somebody opening her bedroom door, touched her hand, and told her "he liked her." She told him to leave immediately and he did. Police didn't say if her 3-year-old son was awakened.

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She was able to recognize Gutierrez easily, said Police, because she said she had seen him around her neighborhood.

He was quickly located at a nearby residence and promptly arrested. The investigation continues.


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