Wednesday Kennewick police tasered a 19-year-old suspect near East Columbia Drive and North Kingwood Drive, after getting a report of trespassing on railroad property.

Around 3:30pm police arrived, and found Estaban Joel Flores of Walla Walla, who was apparently trying to get on a passing train.

Police tried to detain him, but he pulled a knife and threatened them. He was tasered, twice but the charges failed to drop him. He ran from officers, and was eventually surrounded near East 1st. Street. After charging at officers, he was hit and slow speed by one of the patrol cars, and then stabbed the tire of the cruiser twice.

Finally he was shot with bean bag rounds, tasered again, dropping his knife. At that point officers swarmed him and he was taken into custody.

No word was given by officials, but considering he resisted two taser shots and it took beanbag rounds to subdue him, it's possible he was on drugs. Flores even bit one of the officers during the altercation, but he was OK. No one else was injured in the altercation.

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