Do as I say, not as a I do? Overlooked from Saturday's March For Our Lives even in Washington D.C. was the fact that one of the featured 'performers' was arrested on a weapons charge just over a year ago.

The Washington Free Beacon reports rapper Vic Mensa (real name Victor Kwesi Mensah) was charged with carrying a concealed weapon after a routine traffic stop in California found him to be carrying, March 17 of 2017.

He said at the time of his arrest, according to TMZ., that he did have a concealed weapons permit, but it was apparently from a state CA doesn't recognize as valid.

Nothing wrong with carrying a concealed weapon, but it's ironic that this guy who threw police under the bus during the rally by dedicating his performance to the "unarmed black men and women killed by police weapons" carries himself.  He's performing at a rally aimed at gun control, but he carries.

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