March Madness--the Dance--The 64 teams that battle to become NCAA Division I Basketball Champ.  But does EVERYONE really get into it?

We at Newstalk 870 wanted YOUR opinion.  Not that of across the nation, but what do YOU think of March Madness?   We personally don't participate in the brackets but we do follow it fairly closely.  However, others view it as a distraction.   For example, my wife hates it because starting Thursday March 15th,  her CBS soap opera--The Young And the Restless--will be continually pre-empted. 

   Ok, watch it on SoapNet.  However, and I understand her frustration, they show re-runs, instead of airing current episodes.  SoapNet could make a killing in ratings if they did that.  And, not trying to sound too serious,  March Madness does cause a significant drop in employee productivity--we know of at least 3-4 people who are taking Thursday AND Friday off just to watch the games.  A well-written article from Young Money shows anywhere from 100 million to 4 billion dollars in lost productivity occurs during the three weeks of the tournament.  Much of it is from people taking a few minutes here, a few minutes there to stop working and check the games on TV, internet, their smart phone;  taking an extra 10-15 minutes at lunch to watch, etc.

 So take our poll, and let us know just how "mad" YOU get from March on!  (oops! that's hockey!)

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