With the help of a cool mohawk-wielding mission controller, NASA was able to successfully navigate the Curiosity rover onto Mars.

NASA’s been to Mars before, but this trip is making history.

On Monday, NASA released photos from their most recent rover exploration to Mars. Video footage is starting to be released as well, and this is a really exciting time for space nerds. With all of the footage slowly filtering out of NASA, we wonder what they’re hiding. Here are 10 things you’ll be shocked to learn the rover discovered.

1. David Hasselhoff’s pressurized sleep chamber.

2. Russia’s secret Mars colony.

3. Saddam Hussen’s nuclear weapons.

4. Marvin the Martian’s hilarious plans to destroy the rover.

5. Proof that the face on Mars is actually an Indian casino.

6. The Dharma Initiative from ‘Lost.’

7. Mars’ natural resources — Hot Pockets and Kryptonite.

8. Keith Richards.

9. Martian Disneyland.

10. A storage locker where Michael Phelps keeps all the Olympic medals he can’t fit into his house.

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