Before I knew it the NFL Season was upon us, and before I knew it Week 1 was almost over and I hadn't written an NFL preview, so here is arguably the first ever almost through Week 1 sort of NFL preview.



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Buffalo Bills - The shift in power has been completed and it now resides in Upstate New York.  Josh Allen and company took the defending SB champs to the wood shed in teh season opener and could be back in the big game for the first time since their helmets were red.

Miami Dolphins - Tua looks more comfortable in new head coach Mike Mc Daniels offense and could evolve into the franchise QB they've been seeking since Dan Marino hung them up.

New England Patriots - Mac Jones and his back injury will play a big role in the Pats season but the "Was it Brady or Belichick" discussion is becoming more one sided in Tom Terrific's favor.

New York Jets - a lot of hype and a lot of the same old Jets.

AFC North


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Baltimore Ravens - If Lamar Jackson stays healthy they should win the division.  Tough on both sides of the ball and John Harbaugh is one of the best coaches in the league.

Cincinnati Bengals - They are young and they are talented but are they consistent enough to win the division?  Maybe not.

Pittsburgh Steelers - The TJ Watt injury is huge for that defense.  They may not finish the season with the same QB that started it

Cleveland Browns - This will be a wasted year for Cleveland fans and new QB Deshaun Watson.



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Kansas City Chiefs - until someone dethrones the Division Champs they stay in the top spot.  Pat Mahomes is the biggest difference maker in the game.

Denver Broncos - Yes, I do believe Russell Wilson is that big of a difference maker in the Mile High City.  His experience and leadership will help a relatively young offense grow quickly.

San Diego Chargers - Justin Herbert will either enter the upper echelon of QBs this season or move closer to being the next Phillip River in SD.  Not a bad thing, but they also never won anything either.

Las Vegas Raiders - They get one of the most explosive receivers in the game in Davante Adams and still finish fourth?  The Division is that good.



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Indianapolis Colts - The not quite as bad as everyone else team in a bad Division.  Matt Ryan should be enough to get the Colts to the postseason and the Division title.

Tennessee Titans - Still scratching my head over why they didn't work out a deal with AJ Brown, but losing to the New York Football Giants means they can just run Derrick Henry into oblivion and win the Division.

Houston Texans - Could be addition by subtraction in moving Deshaun Watson, but they still have a lot of work to do before they are ready to contend.

Jacksonville Jaguars - Doug Pederson is not the solution and Trevor Lawrence is being wasted.



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Philadelphia Eagles - Jalen Hurts doesn't have to be a superstar to win this division, he just has to limits mistakes.  The Eagles might be the most improved team on both sides of the ball in the offseason.

New York Giants - Big win over Tennessee to open the Brian Daboll era, but this is a bad division and the Giants might finish second with a losing record.

Dallas Cowboys - They managed three points with Dak behind center against Tampa.  The offense was bad before Dak got hurt and he'll miss a number of weeks after thumb surgery.  The D will not carry them all season.

Washington Commanders - They won their opener but are still owned by Daniel Snyder.



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Minnesota Vikings - The Packers loss is the Vikings gain, but this team also has a new identity on offense and they unleashed it in Green Bay in week 1

Green Bay Packers - Aaron Rodgers is still one of the best in the game and the Pack will be in the running, but the loss of Davante Adams is bigger than they want to admit.

Detroit Lions - Don't look past the Lions or they might beat you.  They are scrappy and have some young talent on both sides of the ball.  Not there yet but getting closer.

Chicago Bears - They beat the 49ers in a downpour but Justin Fields is not the answer at QB and the Bears will struggle this year.


Buffalo Bills v Los Angeles Rams
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L.A. Rams - Super Bowl MVP and Yakima native Cooper Kupp is one of the most versatile offensive weapons in the league and Matt Stafford still has enough left in the tank.  They will shake off the Buffalo loss and win this division.

S.F. 49ers - Trey Lance is going to struggle a bit and I don't know if he will figure it out, but they are too talented on offense to not compete.

Arizona Cardinals - The loss of DeAndre Hopkins is huge and the Cardinals haven't shown they can win in the second half of the season.

Seattle Seahawks - Top 5 pick in the 2023 NFL Draft to select the next potential QB of the future.  It will be a long season for Seahawk fans.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Dallas Cowboys
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Tampa Bay Buccaneers - The G.O.A.T isn't done yet and the Bucs will win another Division as Brady tries to go out with his eight Super Bowl ring.  Both sides of the ball are better that their rivals.

New Orleans Saints - Jameis Winston is showing he may have this QB thing figured out finally.  They can be better if Winston can limit the decision making mistakes that have held him back.

Carolina Panthers - A healthy Christian McCaffrey gives them a chance in most games but their QB situation doesn't.

Atlanta Falcons - In full on rebuild mode.

AFC Wild Cards: Broncos, Bengals, Chargers

NFC Wild Cards: Packers, 49ers, Saints

AFC Champs: Bills

NFC Champs: Rams

Super Bowl Champs: Buffalo Bills


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