According to casualty and murder figures, the US-Mexican border between the Mexican state of  Chihuahua and New Mexico/Texas is more deadly than Afghanistan.

From Jan.-Sept. 2011, 2,276 people died in drug related crimes compared to 2,177 (civilians) in Afghanistan.   A person is nine times more likely to be murdered in this one Mexican state than where the U.S. has been battling terrorism since 9/11. About 11,000 Afghan citizens were killed during the  war (largely by the Taliban) between 2007 and 2011; during that same time in Mexico, over 47,000 civilians died across Mexico due to drug related crimes, murders and assassinations. And often the manner in which the drug cartels dispatch their victims makes the terrorists look 'sane'. And yet, outside of certain media outlets, not a peep is uttered about the growing violence.

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