The lawsuit has been going on for two years and abruptly ended late Thursday.

The costly, bitter lawsuit filed by Savage against his national radio syndicator Talk Radio Network. The nationally syndicated talk show host had sued TRN over a contract that his attorney claimed was over a decade old. Savage claimed the contract and a new offer from TRN were filled with restrictions and clauses that were unacceptable.

Long story short, after a federal arbitrator ruled in Savage's favor he is contractually free from TRN, which unfortunately means he is off the air on over 375 stations -- including Newstalk 870. There are rumors of negotiations going on with other networks, but at this time nothing has been made public.

Newstalk 870 will make every effort to return this popular show to the Newstalk airwaves, in the meantime,  Mike Gallagher's show will be heard in the 6-9 p.m. time slot. Thanks for your patience!

If you have questions and or comments, feel free to direct them to Newstalk 870 KFLD attn John McKay.

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