The runner-up for the 2015 Miss Tri-Cities pageant will be taking over after officials discovered the winner plead guilty to a theft charge earlier this year.

Maelonie Ogle will give up her title, and the over $12,000 in scholarship money and other prizes after it was learned she had plead guilty to stealing over $250 worth of clothing from the Macy's store at Columbia Center earlier this year.

The requirements for the pageant include contestants signing an honor pledge stating they have no criminal record, which Ogle violated, according to the Pageant Director.l

Pageant officials didn't say how they found out about Ogle's conviction, but only said she will vacate the crown and title immediately as of August 2nd.

Runner-up Stephanie Maier has already taken over the crown, and Ogle has already been removed from the pageant website.

Miss Tri-Cities Stephanie Maier
Miss Tri-Cities Stephanie Maier (Miss Tri-Cities Pageant)


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