It's not something you see very often, someone strolling through town late at night carrying a large solar panel.

  Suspect stopped in Benton City

Late Thursday night, Benton County Officers, including Deputy Clossey (pictured) contacted a man walking through town, carrying this large solar panel.

The BCSO says the man was unable to provide a reasonable explanation of where he got it, and why he was carrying it around late at night.

No word if any charges brought against the man, but the BCSO says anyone in the area who may be missing a panel should reach out, to (509)-628-0333.  Also, anyone who may have information about this incident should call. All leads can be anonymous.

It may seem strange to steal a solar panel, but they are not cheap. The typical mid-range price of a large panel is between $200 and $315, and to install even one as part of a system will likely be in near $1,000 (including permits, construction, wiring etc).


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