This story has grabbed the attention of Americans from coast to coast.

Bowing to threats of lawsuits from The Freedom From Religion Foundation, the Desoto Central Jaguars of Southhaven, Mississippi, dropped their regular pre-game prayer that the school has held for decades.

Prior to the kickoff before every home game, a student would deliver a brief invocation, similar to what is heard before NASCAR races on television. But this Wisconsin-based group, which claims it is protecting the Constitutional principle of separation of church and state, threatened to sue Desoto and other high schools in the state if the prayers continue. Rather than face costly litigation, the prayer was dropped.

First of all, apparently these people didn't understand that when the Constitution was written, and the intent of the Founding Fathers was, to prevent a "state religion" from being adopted by the government. In England, prior to the 13 colonies, there was an official government religion that was practiced by everyone, regardless of their beliefs. It was THIS practice that the early U.S. leaders wanted to prevent.

The Constitution says nothing about people choosing to display their religious beliefs in a public setting. The school did not, nor did the district, officially sanction or provide  special means for this to occur.

This is a very clever attempt by a group to cloud themselves under the mantle of the Constitution for the purposes of attacking the Christian faith. What are your thoughts? Were their threats unfair? Take our poll.