GOP Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney has indicated with his VP pick he will be focusing on economic and financial issues in November.Unemployment, deficits and the economy are probably the biggest issues facing the country today. By picking the House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan as his vice presidential candidate, Romney has shown he will focus on these issues.

Ryan, a member of congress since 1999, is considered the "go-to guy" by the GOP when it comes to budgets,  and he is will known for his legislative plan to overhaul and improve Medicare. Ryan has stuck to a theme of  fiscal responsibility during his term as chairman.

Many media outlets have come to call Ryan the "intellectual leader" of the GOP, and he quickly jumped on the failure of the White House to bring down unemployment and restore faith in the economy. He also seized upon Obama's comment to small business: "You didn't build that."  When it comes to economic issues, most on Capitol Hill are quick to listen when Ryan speaks because of his experience and no-nonsense approach to the economy.

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