A judge sentenced the woman after saying he saw "no remorse" over her crime.

22-year-old Jordan Graham of Kalispell married 25-year-old Cody Johnson June 29th of last year, but apparently began to have "second thoughts" about the wedding.

Graham, according to prosecutors, lured Johnson to a steep cliff area in Glacier National Park July 7 and pushed him into a ravine hundreds of feet deep.  The couple had driven to a popular area in the park called The Loop, then climbed down a hillside near the cliff for a better view.

She tried to tell prosecutors they were arguing over her sharing her second thoughts about the marriage, and she claimed he grabbed her arm and she became scared, then just pushed back at him instinctively.

However, extensive evidence from prosecutors showed she planned the incident.  After the fall, she drove back to her home in Kalispell.   Johnson was reported missing when he failed to show up for work,  she had originally told authorities he had left July 7 with friends.  But Johnson's friends believed she had something to do with his disappearance.

She had originally plead guilty to second degree murder, after prosecutors dropped first-degree murder charges, and charges of making false statements to authorities.   She then tried to recant her plea after officials originally asked for a 50-year sentence.  She had gone on trial in December, 2013.

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