Suspect behind wheel as he rammed Police car (PPD)
Suspect behind wheel as he rammed Police car (PPD)


Not only did the suspect ram the Pasco Police cruiser, he also hit another person while driving stolen car.

Suspect steals vehicle, hits victim, later rams patrol car

The saga began in the early morning hours of February 17th, last Thursday. Around 4 AM a man called 9-1-1 to report two male suspects approached him at the Pik A Pop on North 4th. threatened him, then stole his Chrysler Pacifica.

Fast forward to Thursday evening, just after 7:40 PM, a woman called Police to say she was driving on Burden Boulevard near Road 68 when another person hit her vehicle then drove away.

Suspect rammed Pasco cruiser (PPD)
Suspect rammed Pasco cruiser (PPD)


 Turns out the hit-and-run vehicle was the stolen Chrysler

The woman waited for Police in the Walmart parking lot, and when they arrived the stolen Pacifica pulled in, parked, and two occupants went into the store!

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As officers arrived, the Pacifica was pulling out of its stall, and that's when the driver, identified as 37-year-old Michael Wisar, rammed the van into the front of an oncoming Pasco Cruiser. Sgt. Decker, who was driving, was not hurt, but the driver fled on foot. No word if the other occupants had gotten back in the vehicle.

  K-9 Zador sniffs out suspect from the bushes by the closed Cousins Restaurant.

The Pasco Police dog helped 'extricate' Wisar who was carted off to the Franklin County jail facing multiple charges, including:

Vehicle Assault (2 Counts)

Attempt to Elude
Possession of a Stolen Vehicle
   More charges are likely pending from the hit-and-run crash as well.

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