A Morrow County, OR deputy is being called a hero after he risked his life going into a very rough Columbia River this week after a suicidal woman. These pictures are of the actual rescue.

Sheriff's deputies got a call Monday afternoon about a possibly suicidal woman heading to the river from the City of Boardman.  Police and Deputies began searching the shoreline, and saw her out in the water.

The woman was spotted near Sailboard Beach, she was between 50 and 75 yards offshore, with swells and visible whitecaps on the water. Deputy Mike Cahill decided he didn't have time to launch their Marine Rescue Boat, and he dove in after her. Despite her struggling to break free and the 3-4 foot swells, he was able to bring her to shore, where she was met by emergency personnel.

It took almost 10 minutes for Cahill and Boardman Police Chief (!) Rick Stockhoe and others to get her out of the water and to shore. According to reports, the woman was given immediate medical and psychological assistance. These officers saved her life. A job well done, Morrow County and Boardman Police.


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