A 23-year-old Pasco resident is in the Franklin County jail facing not just arson charges, but resisting arrest and more.

Josue Daniel Sepulveda-Zuniga was arrested Monday, said Pasco Police and now say he's linked to a second fire.  Officer Travis Park had seen Zuniga running from the Sedona Apartments area near Marie and West 24th, after getting calls of a man in the area acting suspiciously around 1:50PM.

Park caught up with him, and learned Zuniga matched the description of a man seen running from a fire on Sunday reported nearby by Marie and 24th.  Ben Shearer of the Pasco Fire Department examined the burn scenes and determined they appeared to be arson.

During his arrest Zuniga became very combative with officers and ended up going to jail in what's called their fabric and wraps restraint system. He apparently spit on Officer Parks and all over the back seat of his patrol car. He's now on investigative hold for multiple counts of 2nd Degree Arson, and likely resisting arrest and assault.

The investigation continues.

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