A former Kennewick High School teacher and wrestling coach is facing 14 trials that started Monday, from men who were former students. They claim between 1982 and 2007 Bill Pickerell used a variety of methods to sexually abuse them.

Pickerell, whose age is listed as either 81 or 82, already plead guilty to five counts in 2008, and served 5 years of a ten year sentence. The Kennewick School District already reached settlements with three other victims besides the 14, costing the districtd several million dollars. Pickerell reportedly admitted to molesting a number of students beyond what he was charged with.

Much like the 14 trials now, the others claimed the district failed to act upon information and allegations the abuse was occurring, and also failed to supervise the coach.

According to court records and other information, the abuse mostly occurred upon wrestling or sports trips, and in hotels. On one occasion, the victims claimed Pickerell paid for alcohol and porn for the students before molesting them.

The victims are seeking damages against the District, according to Yaktrinews.com

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