Earlier this year, the former Pasco officer and detective was acquitted of 3rd Degree rape charges stemming from a West Pasco incident, now his murder charges in Spokane have been dismissed. The documents were signed this week.

Richard Aguirre, a former standout Pasco detective, was not only accused of a sexual assault at a West Pasco home in 2014 but was also tied to the 1986 death of a Spokane prostitute named Ruby Doss. Aguirre, who was in the Air Force at that time at Fairchild, was facing a murder charge.

It was a hit in CODIS, the well-known digital information and DNA database that tracks crimes, suspects and persons, that reportedly tied him to Doss' death. Aguirre's attorney said it was no secret he knew her, and they may have had a 'relationship' but he did not kill her.

Back in 2015, not only was the Spokane County Prosecutor accused of misconduct in the case, but Aguirre's attorney promised he would obtain information showing his client was not even in the U.S. but overseas in the Air Force during the time of the murders.

While news sources are saying it was for 'lack of evidence,'  other sources close to the case are saying Aguirre's attorney was able to use military records and a private investigator to show his client was physically incapable of committing the crime as he was thousands of miles away. Unconfirmed reports say Aguirre was in Asia, likely Japan or South Korea, at the time Doss' body was found in downtown Spokane.

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