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It's not New York, LA, or Chicago.  According to data from a pair of US Census surveys, Seattle is the number one city where residents feel unsafe in their neighborhoods. This image shows heroin needles stabbed into trees in a Seattle neighborhood.

  Household Pulse survey data shows Seattle is perceived as unsafe

The US Census Bureau, along with several other Federal agencies, regularly conducts surveys or polls to obtain data about the opinions, movements, and trends of Americans. It's part of the complicated demographic picture the government utilizes as part of its population surveys.

Two separate Household Pulse Point surveys conducted between the beginning of June and the end of July showed of all the major metro areas in the US,  Seattle is #1 when it comes to citizens feeling pressured to move because their neighborhoods are unsafe.

From the CHOP invasion of Capitol Hill District to the defund the Police movement, Seattle has seen its public safety record plummet. The Police Department has lost over 600 officers since 2020, and the erosion continues.

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The survey indicates the Seattle metro area included about 3.1 million people which included much of King, Pierce, and Snohomish Counties. According to the surveys, 7 percent of the population felt pressure to relocate or move due to feeling unsafe.

Sources report since 2020, homicides in Seattle have risen at least 24 percent, and the totals for what Police call aggravated assault are the highest seen in over ten years.

The 7 percent figure may not seem large, but considering it's nearly double the survey rates found in Chicago, LA, San Franciso and New York, that says a lot.

The data also showed in the last six months, just over 226,000 people felt pressured to move due to unsafe neighborhoods.

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