New details emerge from a recent shooting in Prosser say that the woman accused, Amy S. Brown, allegedly found the victim in bed with her fiance minutes before she shot her twice with a gun killing her.

Brown and her fiance, Brandon Fayard, invited the victim, 35 year old Amanda L. Hill, and her boyfriend over to party in a camper on their property. They were drinking just past midnight when Fayard went to bed back in the house saying he had to work the next day. Then the victim, Amanda Hill, went to the house shortly after saying she needed to use the bathroom.

After 20 minutes Amy Brown went to check on Hill and found her in bed with her fiance Brandon Fayard. Brown says she yelled at them and then went to the porch for a cigarette, according to news reports.

Brown says that Hill came out about 45 seconds later and attacked her ending up with Brown on the ground and Hill on top.

Brown says she managed to then get up and ran to her SUV to get her gun. That is when Hill grabbed Brown around the neck and Brown fired her gun twice.

Brown said she fired her gun twice even though she knew Hill was trying to fight her and not kill her. Brown admitted she did not feel her life was in danger to investigators.

Brown said she tried to put pressure on the wound and help Hill after telling Fayard to call 911.

Amanda Hill died in the arms of Brown before Benton County sheriff’s deputies arrived.

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