Twenty-three year old Jared Barrett's day began on Sunday March 1st with him allegedly shedding his clothes to go for a naked frolic in the area near Dayspring Ministry in the vicinity of East Columbia Drive and North Date Street in Kennewick.

A naked Sunday saunter will almost certainly get the cops called on you.

So, when the Kennewick Police responded about 9:00 a.m. to various witness calls about the nakedness, Barrett did have his clothes on, but appeaed to be way out of it, high on some unknown substance. When officers attempted to arrest him for indecent exposure, that's when the refusal of commands began and the attempt to flee that forced the cops to take him down.

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Now handcuffed, the man is transported to Trios for medical clearance so he can be taken to jail. There, he allegedly kicked a doctor in the leg. Doc said the kick hurt, but no significant injury was caused.

So now, homey can add a class C felony knock for the doctor kick while being medically cleared for jail, along with indecent exposure and resisting arrest charges.

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