Scientists in the U.K. recently came up with a new hot sauce that mimics the type of pain you feel from a venomous spider bite.  It's called Venom Chilli Sauce, and costs about $9 a bottle. It reportedly pairs well with curries, quesadillas, and cheesy bread.

It's supposed to cause the same burning sensation you get if you're bitten by a chevron tarantula (psalmopoeus cambridgei), which are native to Trinidad.  A study a while ago found its venom targets the same pain receptors as hot peppers.  So that's why they picked that specific spider.

They originally wanted to use ACTUAL venom in the hot sauce.  But the testing to make sure it was safe cost about $30,000 and that was just not an option.  So they had to settle for a synthetic version.  And unfortunately, it's already sold out online for now.

One of the founders said, “It’s not there as a scare factor, it’s there because it’s the essence of the science of what we’ve made here. Our aim for this is to raise awareness of the versatility of spiders and hopefully people will understand a bit more about the amazing biology of spider venom through the medium of chili.”

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