The new laws passed by the legislature which went into effect in July are not exactly working out for law enforcement.

This week, Pasco Police continue to search for a wanted suspect, not only because he's sought on multiple arrest warrants, but because he allegedly held a knife to a victim's throat Monday.

Around 1:30 PM Pasco officers were given a tip that 23-year-old  Johnny Ray Cochran Davis had attempted to assault a victim in a neighborhood between downtown and Sylvester street.

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Police responded and Officer McClintock spotted the suspect (he's known to law enforcement) wearing all black and running down an alleyway.

As the Officer pursued, he was on the radio asking if they had probable cause. This would have involved actually talking to the victim, and obtaining information. By the time Police were able to determine that Cochran Davis had held a knife to the homeowner's throat, he was able to elude McClintock by jumping through several yards and over fences.

Prior to July, a swarm of officers would more than likely have corralled him. But now, they must establish probable cause before they can turn loose all their resources.

The previous legal allowance was 'reasonable suspicion' but that's gone.

Anyone who may know where Cochran Davis may be, or has information about this case, you're urged to call (509)-628-0333. All leads can be confidential. He's also wanted on multiple other warrants.

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