You may have noticed recently some of the WSU,  UW,  Oregon and OSU games being carried on the new Pac-12 Network.   Then again, maybe not.Despite the ever increasing flood of satellite viewers via Dish or Directtv,  the fledging channel has yet to ink a deal with either satellite provider.    Apparently the holdup stems from the fact that the network is only a few months old, and they have not been able to hammer out details of agreements yet.

Which is why the UW opener vs. San Diego State was not seen anywhere in the Pacific Northwest.  And the same will go for the WSU-EWU game September 9th.    According to yahoo sports,  the Pac-12 is throwing Directv under the bus, so to speak, blaming them for the lack of an agreement.   However, the conference is not going to score any points by suggesting to consumers they find another television programming provider!

Well, there's always the radio!  The good old standby that never seems to let listeners down.

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