If you buy fresh hamburger at the grocery store and fry it up at home, does it taste better than if you freeze it and thaw it and fry it up later? HELL YES IT DOES! Wendy's has been the "fresh, never frozen" place to go for years and that's why I ALWAYS choose Wendy's over Mickey D's. Lots of things are just as good frozen and cooked later....not a hamburger patty.

So, how was the new Quarter Pounder with "fresh beef?" Better...much better! My wife has a friend at work who loves Quarter Pounders and thought the new one was not as good because she was used to the original taste. I say that if you haven't had a Quarter Pounder lately, you should, but my "go-to" is still Wendy's.

Here's one of my favorite people, John Goodman, in the new Quarter Pounder commercial....and check out the next video below....OLD SCHOOL COOL! (But it's John Goodman for Burger King! Hey we all have to make a living! LOL)

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