An Oregon farm has recalled shipments of organic shelled walnuts over a potential e-coli issue.

  25-pound boxes recalled

The Oregon Department of Agriculture said Gibson Farms recalled the products this week because there is a potential for presence of e-coli, which can cause intestinal issues and diarrhea. Most people recover after about a week, but in rare cases, some people can develop kidney issues.

The walnuts in question were voluntarily recalled and were labeled as Organic Light Halves and Pieces.

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They were distributed in CA and WA, the identifying serial numbers and expiration dates were lot 3325-043 & 3341-501 with expiration dates 5/21/25 & 6/7/25. This is what they look like (FDA):


Gibson Walnuts (FDA)
Gibson Walnuts (FDA)

The nuts were shipped out in 25-pound boxes. Officials did not say how many of the boxes were being recalled.

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