Prosser school district workers will now have a new set of guidelines, or expectations, very soon. The School Board approve a draft of the new criteria and expect it to be implemented shortly.

The new policy will go into effect immediately, according to  Specifically what's in the policy was not immediately available, but most say it has new guidelines for what employees are allowed to post on school as well as their own personal social media pages.

The guidelines come in the wake of comments made by two Prosser school workers on their Facebook pages. They had posted opinions about the Day Without Immigrants protests and marches that took place earlier this year.

It caused quite a discussion in the community. The new policy says if workers don't follow the guidelines, or they disagree with the disciplinary actions taken over violations, then the Prosser School Board will deal with it on an individual basis.

According to yaktrinews,  some worry about whether the policy will stay in place if they change Superintendents, and also how changes in social media platforms will affect the policies.  Officials say they will continue to refine and modify the policy as changes happen in social media.

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