Here's part II of our interview with the creators of the fast-growing, and some say controversial, game 'Pot Farm' on Facebook.

Following a website story about 'Pot Farm' on Facebook, we heard from the creators, East Side Games, and they agreed to answer some questions. Similar to Farmville, Pot Farm is a light-hearted take on the issue of marijuana. At last report, at least 100,000 people are playing it on the social network. Derek Bolen is the Community Director for East Side Games, and here is the second part of our interview.

Besides those who play the game, what has been the overall tone of response towards Pot Farm?

"Response, even after three years has been amazing. We love our game and our fans. We do this for a living and love it, how often in life are you able to build a game with your fans? The response outside of our fan base has been, well, a bit unknowledgable. Most people don't realize how deep of a game it is, or never play it. We've been featured on Fox News and other media outlets, and most of the time they played very little of the game. Take out the pot and it still is a solid game, we just love our favorite plant so it makes it even better. Play it though; it's hilarious. Right now, we have a quest where the objective is to hook up a Sasquatch with a Loch Ness monster and make sweet love, which is something you PROBABLY wouldn't see in Farmville. It's really funny and we have some hugely creative people on our team. If you can't have fun playing and sharing a game then play a different game."

What is the funniest, or most unusual input you have received about the game?

"We have tons of stories. We've had many fans make homemade shirts, hang Pot Farm banners near city signs, make songs about the games, we even got Kevin Smith to do an ad in the early days of SIR radio. We get touching letters from people that are ill that tell us that this is a main way they communicate with people and get through some tough times, or people that are hardcore and have played for years. We have the Pot Farm Guru who does pretty much a full time job updating a fan website and some awesome grassroots groups that just talk PF. So many amazing fans. Oh yeah, and almost 10 people have gotten tattoos of various Pot Farm artwork. Now, those are some awesome fans."

Are there any attention-getting changes or tweaks planned for the game in the near future?

"In the near future! Most are top secret, that slip out after a couple of beers but I can give you some hints. If you are a Monty Python fan then you may be in for a treat. We also have some really cool things in place for St Patty's day -- which actually is a really big day for us at Pot Farm.

"Pot Farm is really a different type of game. We hire only fans of the game to work on it, and because of this we pride ourselves on our Community Support. We have a really small team but have people working everyday to get our fans' ideas and then work to get these in the game, so what we make is what is most in demand. It's hard work, but it's worth it. We really believe in kick ass customer support, seriously poke around at other games and see if anyone comes close to us (we haven't found anyone yet)."

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