Meta, or Facebook, has announced a significant change coming to its Marketplace in January 2023.

 No more business listings for vehicles, or real estate in the Marketplace

  According to Meta, information released Thursday, September 29th:

"Starting on January 30, 2023, Meta will no longer support the ability for all sellers to create vehicle and real estate/rentals listings using a Facebook business Page, along with the vehicles tab and manage inventory tab in markets where this feature is currently available."

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Facebook says free person-to-person vehicle and real estate listings will continue and they said the ability to reach people via ads will not change. So why kick out businesses?

According to Facebook:

 "We are simply changing how to distribute inventory."  That doesn't really answer anyone's questions.

According to Facebook, the affected markets will be:

  • "Vehicles: United States (US), Canada (CA), France (FR), United Kingdom (GB), Mexico (MX), Brazil (BR), Indonesia (ID), Germany (DE), Australia (AU)
  • Real Estate or Rentals: United States (US)"

So, perhaps some enterprising business owners will create newer 'personal' pages from which they can distribute their content via the Marketplace. The games of cat-and-mouse or whack-a-mole with Facebook continue.


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