A top Reagan aide and staffer from his administration in the 80's reveals Newt Gingrich repeatedly sparred with, criticized, and insulted The President on numerous issues.

Elliot Abrams, who served as Assistant Secretary of State, said while Gingrich voted with Reagan on most issues, he often spewed rhetoric that made you think he was on the other side of aisle.   While Reagan was battling Ted Kennedy, Christopher Dodd (!)  Tip O'Neil and others, who used every method possible to battle Reagan's policies, Gingrich himself blasted Reagan on virtually every topic from the battle vs. communism, to the Nicaraguan Contras, to domestic defense policies.  Reagan correctly predicted that battling communism in hot spots around the world would eventually lead to the collapse of the Soviet Union.  But Gingrich sided with those who did not believe Reagan's efforts would succeed.   It appears now many of Newt's actions have come to light to haunt his presidential efforts.