As of this week, the Washington State Department of Agriculture's State Vet says no 'new' detections of H5N1-HPAI virus have been reported as the virus continues to spread across the US.,

   WSDA says no cases so far

A few months ago, avian-type bird flu was detected in poultry, then spread to livestock in multiple states. Officials say its effect on livestock is not as harsh as it is on poultry, and because of pasteurization technology,the nation's dairy supply is save. But it still can cause a lot of problems for animals and those in the ag industry.

  The WSDA says so far no cases have been detected. Last year, in 2023, there were 7 reports of bird flu, in a variety of animals:


According to WSDA:

"There have been no HPAI detections in domestic flocks in Washington in 2024 and no detections in domestic cattle herds."


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