Nothing is more frustrating than walking out to your spigot to turn it on and get no water. I tried to turn on my sprinklers last night and got a trickle.

I checked the Kennewick Irrigation Map and it still showed that our water was still on. I checked my filter but I realized early on that it wasn't my system but Kennewick Irrigation.

I'm one of those folks that didn't immediately call KID because I assumed someone was on it but I kept checking the water outage map hourly hoping that someone called it in.

I checked the map this morning and lo' and behold, KID posted about the irrigation outage and explained why that water was a no-show or trickle.

Apparently, due to the high winds, we've experienced over the last few days, tumbleweeds have clogged the irrigation canals. KID posted a notice on their website this morning about the irrigation being stifled.

The Kennewick Irrigation says that they are working on the situation and are asking customers to wait until later today or tomorrow to call in the outage because their water outage map hasn't been updated yet.

No worries though, I always think the worse when my irrigation doesn't work and I get visions of brown dry grass but I'm sure we'll be fine as KID is on the case.

If you are a KID customer, you can get more details on the outage and you can click on the water outage map here.

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