The jury is VERY mixed on this one.

It was passed last fall by voters, largely because of extensive turnout and support on the west side of the state, and around Portland.

Beginning February 1st, it is no longer arrest or jail time for possession of hard drugs such as LSD, meth, Oxy (Oxycodone) heroin or others. "Small amounts" will now only result in either a $100 fine, or enrollment in a health assessment that could lead to a drug rehab program.

Exactly what those "small amounts"  is not explicitly spelled out by supporters, although it is found buried in the extensive text of the bill.

For Heroin, the amount is less than 1 gram. For Oxy and LSD, less than 40 units. And for Meth or Coke, less than 2 grams. 

Ballot Measure 110 will use the growing income from Oregon's pot industry to fund the drug and rehab programs. Oregon Prison and other officials say under this new law, some 3,700 fewer people will be incarcerated each year; because small amounts won't land them in jail.

Advocates claim this is a more humane and effective way to deal with 'small time' offenders. Opponents included over two dozen Oregon District Attorneys. They say this policy will result in relaxed treatment of a growing drug problem in the state. They also believe it will allow users to think they get away with drug use and just pay a relatively small fine.

According to Fox Q13, Oregon has already begun setting up what are called "addiction recovery centers" where these offenders will be "triaged" and assessed with the goal of getting them off of drugs for good.

For more on this controversial program, which was rejected in most Eastern Oregon counties, click on the button below.

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