At first glance, it appears the pooch behind the wheel was at fault, but he was just surveying the scene after his owner was busted for not only a hit-and-run accident, but driving on a suspended license.

Kennewick police responded to a report of a hit-and-run near 4th and South Washington streets. The driver of the dark blue Buick, 37-year-old Eldon McCullough violated the right of way of the Chevy HHR pictured. There was a collision with the HHR while McCullough was making a turn, and he drove away.

His car didn't get far, as the left rear wheel was significantly damaged. As it turns out, Police Chief Ken Hohenberg and two of his commanders were in a car in the area and were able to track down the car. They detained McCullough until patrol officers could arrive to take him into custody. He had left the car and began walking away, leaving the dog to take the rap!

McCullough was driving on a suspended license, no insurance, and FAKE TABS on the car. The dog seems to be saying, "I could have done a better job, dude!"  Someone was able to come take the dog home while his owner went to jail.

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