Kennewick Police had a hunch this would happen.

29-year-old Adam Williams, accused in the brutal murder of his grandmother Viola Williams, will spend the rest of his life at Eastern State Hospital. On Jan. 27, 2012, he allegedly murdered the elderly woman in her home in Sun Meadows Mobile Home Park at 19th and 395 in Kennewick.

Williams, who repeatedly beat and stabbed the woman, told authorities he felt he was being "guided by God" to commit the murder. The savagery of the crime made it one of the most notorious in Mid-Columbia history.

Benton County Prosecutor Andy Miller said Kennewick Police told him, "This guy was insane, and would never go to trial." Numerous psychological evaluations at Eastern State Hospital have confirmed that. There will be no trial for the man who has a history of serious mental issues; he will spend the rest of his life institutionalized.

Superior Court Judge Bruce Spanner formally acquitted Williams by reason of insanity. Photo courtesy of KNDU facebook page.