A 17 year old burglar spotted by an alert neighbor caused a lock-down at nearby Kennewick High School after a police standoff leading to his arrest.

The 17 year old was spotted looking around a house suspiciously at the 3300 block of West Hood Avenue by a neighbor and they called police.

credit Kennewick police Facebook
credit Kennewick police Facebook

When the Kennewick Police arrived they found a bucket under and ope window to the house with a muddy footprint on top. They could also hear noises from someone banging around inside, according to reports.

The teen was trying to get inside a safe and had already loaded up two different guns in bags.

Police surrounded the house and negotiated through a loudspeaker for 45 minutes before the teen surrendered. The standoff triggered a lock-down at Kennewick High School that is nearby.

The teen was booked into Benton-Franklin Juvenile Detention Center.

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