RedLion Hotel (google street view)
RedLion Hotel (google street view)

Early Monday morning, a 47-year-old man was arrested by Kennewick Police after causing an alleged disturbance at the Red Lion Hotel Columbia Center.

Police were called to the facility on Columbia Center Boulevard for a report of a man stirring up a ruckus.

The man was asked to leave by staff, but refused. When police arrived, the suspect, identified as Christopher Murphy, made things worse for himself by giving a false name.

Also turns out he was wanted on outstanding warrants in Franklin County. He was transported on his outstanding warrants, and for making false statements to the Kennewick offices. Authorities didn't specifically say what he did in the disturbance, but obviously enough to get himself booted.

Now, instead of a comfy hotel bed, he gets the foam mattress at the Franklin County jail.

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