The 10th lawsuit against the EPA since Trump became President has now been filed by Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson.

Washington state joins ten other states, including New York, California, Illinois, Delaware, Oregon, Massachusetts, Vermont, The District of Columbia and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection in suing the EPA over the use of HFC's or Hydrofluorocarbons that used in air conditioners.

HFC's for years were considered acceptable for air conditioners, fire retardants, aerosol cans and refrigeration. They were a better replacement for more toxic chemicals used to help power these systems 20-30 years ago. This includes components used in your vehicle's AC system.

However, under the Obama Administration, the EPA issued a ruling in 2015 under the Clean Air Act that HFC's had to be replaced because they contributed to global warming. The EPA claimed they contributed to emissions of tons of carbon.

But a court ruling a short time later ruled in favor of two HFC manufacturers, saying they'd already switched to HFC's as an alternative to previous more lethal chemicals, and the EPA did not have the authority to make them do it again.  Then, EPA Chief Scott Pruitt and the EPA completely reversed the courts ruling, lifting all bans on HFC chemicals.

Ferguson and the other ten Attorney's General claim that violates the clean air act. Critics say it's clear Ferguson has walked step by step with Governor Jay Inslee, who has hinted he wants to be known as the 'greenest' state governor in history. The suit was filed in the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington D.C.

Some outspoken critics have dubbed Ferguson as "Sideshow Bob," because he has now sued the Trump Administration 28 times. Some say he is striving for attention to prime himself for a run at Washington state governor in the future.

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