NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg has hatched another 'great' idea - banning the sale of sugary (soda) drinks in sizes over 16 ounces.

The same city that led the way in banning trans-fats from food, and severe limits on smoking, now is going after soda.   Apparently, like most progressive thinking,  he believes he can "change behaviors" and battle obesity by getting rid of one of the alleged sources.  The proposed ban, which is likely to be passed by the Health Authority (who are all Bloomberg appointees) could go into effect as early as next March.

It would ban sale of soda (sugary drinks) in sizes over 16 ounces, but the easy way around that is to buy two of them.   Businesses who don't downsize their cups would face fines.   Even if too much soda is not good for you, it's not the government's place to tell you what you can or cannot consume.   Wonder what the consumption rate for Bloomberg is?   He thinks it's "what the public wants the mayor to do."   While we wrap our heads in duct tape to prevent an explosion,  take our poll on the matter.

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