Just like in 2008 prior to the Presidential election, Obama finds himself in a position of looking like he is insensitive to the opinions and values of the religious community.

Back in '08, prior to the election,  Obama felt a firestorm after proof was given of the racist and dangerous preachings of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, whose church Obama attended for years.  Obama did much sidestepping, and dancing around to attempt to convince the American people that he did not adhere to the racist and inflammitory rhetoric of the Rev. Wright.   Now, with his recent plans and announcements about attempting to force religious groups to accept his programs on birth control, Obama has trampled the religious community again.

 Shortly after Obama announced his "compromises" on the plans to attempt to force religous organizations to adopt government mandated contraceptive and birth control policies,  Catholic leaders rejected his half-hearted idea.    Obama attempted to assure Americans that he has no animosity towards religious groups, but people are not buying it as some did in 2008.  His consistent track record of offensive behavior towards Israel,  his attending Rev. Wright's racist church, and his famous 2008 statement about 'white people clinging to God and their guns'  (immortalized by Glenn Beck in a best-selling t shirt)  seem to indicate his view are just the opposite.  For example, for him to even consider attempting to force the Catholic Church to adopt secular government views of contraception and birth control shows his ignorance and lack of sensitivity towards a very important subject viewed by the Church.