Guess he couldn't, either.

Record low opinion polls for several years have shown the American public quickly lost faith in President Obama's mantra, "yes we can."   Now apparently the brass at Oregon State University feel the same about the First Lady's brother.

Craig Robinson, the brother of Michelle Robinson-Obama, was fired Sunday as the head basketball coach at Oregon State University.  The Beavers finished 16-16 this season, and Robinson compiled a 94-105 win-loss record with no NCAA Tournament appearances in six seasons in Corvallis.

18 of those victories occurred in 2008-2009, his first year at the school.   Since then his teams went 39-69 in Pac-12 conference play.  The Beavers did make post-season appearances in the College Basketball Invitational (CBI) losing in the first round.  However, the CBI is a 3rd-tier affair,  where mediocre teams who didn't make the NCAA or NIT Tournament play.   It doesn't even have television coverage, so is not considered potential "job-saver" for a coach on the hot seat.

Robinson's teams never finished higher than 9th in the Pac-10, or the expanded Pac-12, which added Utah and Colorado a few years ago.

Robinson did however, post a slightly higher winning percentage (.469) than his predecessors John Jay (2003-2007 -.426) and 13-game interim coach Kevin Mouton (0-13).

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